Si aad ula socoto aflaamta cusub ee Qeylo, cidsigaagana aad ku so gudbiso fadlan ku soo biir channelkeena Telegramka @mysomali
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Yajamana Afsomali

Genre: Uncategorized

Director: ,


Duration: 164 min


IMDb: 8.2

The film revolves around a hardworking man Krishna who lives in Hulidurga and is famous for traditional oil extraction. He is torn apart from being the rightful owner with the entry of business tycoon Devi Shetty. Will Krishna fight against all odds to bring justice to his people? Who will become the real `Yajamana` is what forms the crux of the story.

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My somali filmkan hadii aan ku dhufto wuxuu tagaya page ka kadibna waxaa ku qoran sorry this vedio does not exist marka naga hagajiya please codsi wye adinka noo Soo daaya plz asigoo UGAAR AH ASTAAN FILMS HD????????????????❤️