Xidigtii Is Xujeysey 1

Hazal, beautiful young girl is engajed with Kenan, handsome young fisherman. The day before their wedding, Hazal is forced to marry Vural, successful businessman who fall in love with her since the first time he saw her working on his birthday party as a waitress. Vurals first wife, Naz, was just alike Hazal, and thats the reason why Vural fell in love with her so much, since Naz died 2 years ago and now he finds a replacement of her in Hazal. The story is telling us about the love story between Kenan who thought Hazal dumped him just for money and higher society life and who became a successful businessman with the aim of avenging them , and Hazal who tries to forget all she has been through and the way Vural stole her dreams and youth, and of course Vural who is still waiting for Hazal to love him as much as she loves Kenan.


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at 5:58 pm

Sidee udawan karaaa musasaladan


at 11:38 am



at 6:28 pm

Thank you wllo haa wa iyda


at 8:36 pm

Wllo heesta 7 daqiiqo marku filmka socda ee bilowga laaderkaa markuu doonta ka soo dago sio sheeg Wllo ???


at 10:04 am

Wllo heesta 2:15 hazal Iyo Wiilka markan is aarkyan heesta Wiil somali fanaan qado magceed??


    at 11:58 am

    Wll 2:15 wax hees somali ah kuma jirto ee wll time Ka saxda soo qor si aan kuu caawiyo


at 5:36 pm

Heesta ka bilambyo magcee oo somaliga ah ??


at 1:15 am

Heya abaas


at 9:25 pm

Qaybta 2aad sodaya plz


at 9:52 am

Qebta kle gorma lasoo dhiga guys


at 12:43 am

Xidigtii is xujaysan qeytii labaad goorma waaye plz

Asad Ibraahim

at 9:41 pm

Qabti labad meday