Aflaamta mySomali qaar ayaa ciladeysan. Waan ku guda jirnaa hagaajintooda Insha Allah maalmaha soo socdo dhaamaan wey soo galayaan waadna daawan doontiin. Marka noo dulqaaata ilaa 2 usbuuc wax waliba wey hagaagaayaan insha'Allah.

The show is set in Delhi, and revolves around Siddhant Sinha and Anushka Reddy. Anushka Reddy, daughter of Telugu industrialist Krishna Kanth “KK” Reddy returns home after spending 7 years in the US. Siddhant Sinha is a budding lawyer, belongs to middle class Brahmin family from Bihar, and is the son of lawyer Prabhakar Sinha who was KK’s legal advisor, right-hand man, confidante, and best friend. Siddhant and Anushka are childhood friends, who broke up 7 years prior due to misunderstandings. Siddhant’s father helps KK out of any disasters in both business and personal issues. Prabhakar owes KK, who helped him 18 years ago, and also values his friendship with KK. Siddhant joins his father at the Reddys’ company where Anushka has joined as the head of Human Resources.


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