Si aad ula socoto aflaamta cusub ee Qeylo, cidsigaagana aad ku so gudbiso fadlan ku soo biir channelkeena Telegramka @mysomali
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Taana Afsomali

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.1

Revolves around a family, in a village, where cops are regarded as kaaval deivam similar to Aiyanaar and Karuppan and most of the members of which have been in the police force for decades. All, except for One person, who vows to make his son a cop one day, despite troubles from supernatural forces..

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at 5:51 am

Hi my name is Aisha waxan idinka codsanay inah noso daysa filimka Sharukh khan e Rab Ne Bara Dil Jodi please waa iga codsi

Maxamed axmed

at 3:37 am

Asalam alaikum walalo maxa ku dhacay mysomali film odhan mashidmayan


at 3:31 am

Sxbyaalow laba bari aan dawan waayay ee ma nagu ciyaaraysaa


at 9:51 pm

Max waye mab shaqenayo be