Si aad ula socoto aflaamta cusub ee Qeylo, cidsigaagana aad ku so gudbiso fadlan ku soo biir channelkeena Telegramka @mysomali
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Sawaal 700 Afsomali

The film is about a thief, who is arguably the best in the game. He is in debt to the Mafia led by Ringo, so he has to pull off one last big heist to pay them back. He recruits Rocky, a thief who is relatively new in the game with a promising track record to help him pull off one final job of 7 Billion Dollars robbery at a Palace in Bangkok.

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maxamed nur

at 7:28 pm

Asc asxabta haben

naazir Hargeysa

at 2:44 am

My favourite mysomali is best