Aflaamta mySomali qaar ayaa ciladeysan. Waan ku guda jirnaa hagaajintooda Insha Allah maalmaha soo socdo dhaamaan wey soo galayaan waadna daawan doontiin. Marka noo dulqaaata ilaa 2 usbuuc wax waliba wey hagaagaayaan insha'Allah.
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Raaz 2018 Af Somali


Quality: HD

When a non-residing Indian(NRI) attempts to sell his ancestral property, he finds that it has a nasty reputation as a haunted house. In an attempt to improve his chances of a sale, he enlists the help of a documentary filmmaker, specializing in investigations of supernatural events. The TV crew also has some kind of spiritual adviser and a scientist with a machine that measures ghost activity. However, despite all their skepticism, the crew finds more than they bargained for in the abandoned house. In a plan to exorcise the spirit, they aim to return at a more auspicious time.


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1 Comment

Mohammed hassan

at 6:27 pm

Haye seetihiin xalada kawarama