Aflaamta mySomali qaar ayaa ciladeysan. Waan ku guda jirnaa hagaajintooda Insha Allah maalmaha soo socdo dhaamaan wey soo galayaan waadna daawan doontiin. Marka noo dulqaaata ilaa 2 usbuuc wax waliba wey hagaagaayaan insha'Allah.
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Qabaan XALQADA 2


Quality: HD


Qabaan revolves around the life of Rangeela. He serves as a slave to his owner Veer. From a puppet to a hero, Rangeela’s journey is the main plot of the show. Rangeela is seen as fearless and smart guy, but his slavery limits him in all attributes. Rangeela can do anything to fulfill Veer’s wishes. Right and wrong do not matter to Rangeela. He goes through a change of heart after meeting Shivani. Rangeela gets against the principles set by Veer and brings a huge change in the fate of Berahampur.


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