Patel S.I.R (Jagapathi Babu) avenges the death of this son’s (Jagapathi Babu) family by going on a killing spree. He vows to kill everyone that was the reason for the death of his son’s family before his blinded granddaughter gets her vision back. Why did the villains kill Patel’s son in the first place? How a sixty year old Patel does have his revenge?


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Mxaa la daawan marka mesha la taabto wx kle unbu ku diri mobelka dhan ayaba khalkhalayeee


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    mobile haddad ka daawaneyso taabo meesha ay ku qoran tahay “Click Here” page ayuu kuu soo furaayaa kadib taabo Allow 2 second sug video ga yuu kuu soo celinaayaa kadib waadna daawan kartaa


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      Maxa ku dhcy Wu I shaqen layahay markan click iyo allow dhaha