Si aad ula socoto aflaamta cusub ee Qeylo, cidsigaagana aad ku so gudbiso fadlan ku soo biir channelkeena Telegramka @mysomali
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Naan Sigappu Manithan Afsomali

Duration: 149 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.5

Indran suffers from narcolepsy, a sleep disorder that makes him fall asleep at the slightest excitement. He meets Meera and they fall in love but one night, they are attacked by unknown persons. Indran panics and goes into sleep, while Meera is raped. Indran must rely hard on his wits to find the assailants and overcome his condition get his revenge.

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at 8:43 am

fadlan filimaanti way ii furmayaan Laakiin ma dagsan karo means downloading
maxaa khaldan fadlan icaawiya mysomali aad bad umahadsan tihiin

Nurto Farhan

at 2:41 am

I like you so bad I need to watch a movie please