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Kotigobba 2 Af Somali

Duration: 162 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.6

Kotigobba 2 Af Somali

Sathya, a real estate agent, whose lookalike brother Shiva, who moonlights as a robber. After he robs Rs 250 crores from a couple of businessmen, both brothers become the target of a corrupt cop (Kishore), who is keen on nailing them.
Kotigobba 2 Af Somali

Kotigobba 2 Af Somali

Kotigobba 2 Af Somali


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at 6:12 pm

i donet remember the time bout actulley im gone love thiswe movie for eva like im whatcing your chanal every day in me live.

I donte remember like you know

Haji fathi

at 7:29 pm

Gorma laso daynya


at 12:24 pm

Sxb remo goorma laso deynaaa isheg

Abaas huud

at 7:51 pm

Ayamahan filiman ingama hayno my somali wa idn amin sanhy e filmda noso niga


    at 8:54 pm

    walaal habeen iyo maalin howshiina ayaan heynaa ee noo dulqaata


at 3:10 am

Filimaanta Ooda ka soo qaada


at 5:36 pm

waan tagersanhay wabsid kiin waa hiid