Si aad ula socoto aflaamta cusub ee Qeylo, cidsigaagana aad ku so gudbiso fadlan ku soo biir channelkeena Telegramka @mysomali
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Kiss Afsomali

Genre: Dramaromance


Actors: , , ,


Duration: 164 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.3

Kiss tells the love story of Nandini and Arjun. Nandini is a young, modern day college student who holds on to traditional values and Arjun is a rich, carefree guy. The film is an exploration of young love, directed by A. P. Arjun and produced by V. Ravi Kumar under Rashtrakuta Pictures. The lead actors are Viraat Vellanki and Sree Leela. The credit for the music score goes to V. Harikrishna and Adi Hari.

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at 6:38 am

Browser laga daawan akro aflantan ii sheega plz mise mobilbaka lagmba daawan akro


    at 8:14 am

    UC browser kaliya ayaan lagu daawan karin. Browserada kale oo dhan waa lagu daawan karaa

Habiba Noor

at 8:35 pm

I like movies

ilhaan mohamud ahmed

at 4:37 pm

aad iyo aad ayaad umahadsantihiin waan sugaaye

Ahmed idaawaqaca

at 4:53 pm

Fadlan kiss movie Soo daaya plz ku Soo dhaqsada

ilhaan mohamud ahmed

at 4:24 pm

please filmkaan waa sugaaye ciyow noo soo daaya????