UC browser Laguma Daawan Karo Ee Isticmaal Browser Kale. Mahadsanid!
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Gentleman Afsomali

Duration: 144 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 8.2

The movie “GENTLEMAN” revolves around the character Bharath who is suffering from a rare disorder called Beauty of sleeping syndrome. Because of this, he tends to sleep 18 hours a day and will be awake only 5 to 6 hours. e story deals with daily routine, have a life of the protagonist while is not simple as others. Meanwhile, the hero loses his family in a accident and le with his brother’s five year old daughter. Although he tries to rebuild the life with the kid, it fails as the kid gets kidnapped and he starts to find her which takes the story to the next level leading to mafia.

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at 8:33 pm

war computer aan ku isticmaalaynaayaa internet downloader u fura


at 4:50 pm

Browser lagadaawankaro inosheega


at 3:54 pm

Browserkale iisheega


at 3:21 pm

maxaa lagu daawana waxaa qad aheyn majiro offline ataa kafican waxaan inta lagu dawanaayo heesa la dhafiya uc browser waxaad ugu dideysaan in laso download gareynin miyaa website waad haleyneysaa walahi macmiisha ha qiimo jebinin


at 8:43 pm

Plz waxan idinka cudsanaya inad horror so galisan plz waa iga cudsi