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Devadas Af Somali

Duration: 159 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.2

Devadas Af Somali

Das is a sincere doctor who gets kicked out of a corporate hospital and starts working at a private clinic. On the other hand, Deva is a dreaded don who is on the run. During a gun fight with his enemies, Deva gets hurt and reaches Das’s hospital and gets treated there. This small meeting between Deva and Das turns into a deep friedship. As time passes by, one crucial incident regarding Deva and his mafia background causes a rift in the friendship.

Devadas Af Somali

Devadas Af Somali



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at 10:22 am

Asc mysomali filinka noo soo daaya plz

Armaan abdallah armaan

at 9:16 pm

Mysomali wan idinku fana

Daahir muxudiin cabdi

at 5:52 pm

My somali filimkaan maxaa ku heysatii sxbyal naga soo fasira fadlan


at 8:07 pm

mysomali z filmkan noso daya
Wabad ilowdenba umaleyaye noguso tura thanks macamisha sharafta leh codsigayaga no tixgaliya


at 10:46 pm

Plz filmkan mad noso deysana